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ACTIVE BUSINESSES, comprehensive practice led survey on health and physical activity promotion in bussinesses

Erasmus+ Sport 2017

Project No: 590879-EPP-1-2017-1-SI-SPO-SCP

Project website:

Project duration: 30 months, 01.01.2018-31.12.2020

Project Overview:

ACTIVE BUSINESSESS is a transnational project, funded by the Erasmus+ Sports programme, which aims to promote health and physical activity promotion using businesses as a venue of delivery.

The prevalence and impact of physical inactivity is one of the biggest problems of public healthcare and economy in Europe and worldwide. The recommendations of EU consider the working environment as basic and most appropriate environment for the support and promotion of the physically active and healthy lifestyle. There are great differences between European countries. While western and northern countries give due attention to the issue and take effective solutions, southern and eastern countries of the EU mostly don’t. The relation of management towards the employees on this topic mostly does not follow recommendations of the experts and does not show the necessary care for the health and well-being of the employees.

The project aims to create a comprehensive based approach to tackle the issue of health promotion and physical activity (HEPA), using worksite as the most promising venue of delivery. To create a comprehensive program, the problem must address the various aspects and influences affecting the problem, which also means a complex approach and consideration of various stakeholders.


The project is based on practice led approach. The primary focus of the project is to advance knowledge about practice and to advance knowledge within practice. Analytical research will be based on contemporary evidence and on the practical experience and knowledge gained through the implementation of the project in practice. The combination of theory and practice should provide the best results and offer new solutions, new findings and knowledge. New knowledge and solutions gained through the project have that added value that will lead to positive solutions and changes in the various environments of the EU offering tools for tackling the problem of physical inactivity and related health problems using working environment as the most appropriate environment for the realization.

There are five project partners across Europe from Slovenia, Italy, Poland, Turkey and United Kingdom.

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