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Dual career young promoter

Erasmus+ Sport 2018

Project No: 603302-EPP-1-2018-1-BG-SPO-SSCP

Project duration: 18 months

Project Overview:

One of the ways to prevent exclusion of retired sportsmen is timely receipt of a dual education by young athletes. The problem is if the youths understand this and who will talk them about it. According A developmental model of transitions faced by athletes at athletic, individual, psychosocial, and academic/ vocational level (Wylleman & Lavallee, 2004) mentioned in EU Guidelines of Dual Career the role of peers in psychosocial aspect of athletes life assumes a leading meaning for age 15-20 years. It is mean that advices and samples made by peers will be heard better and affect more.

This is the main idea of the project: to use peer learning advantages to bring the idea of the necessity of dual education to young athletes. Promotion of education in and through sport may be implemented directly for the final beneficiaries or by creation of the tools for this promotion. Dual Career Young Promoter (DCYP) is such ‘tool’, person who will promote dual career among its peers - young successful athletes. Creation DCYP Network will give an international dimension for the initiative.

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