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ESTPORT - European Sport Tutorship model for the dual career of athletes

Erasmus+ Sport

Project No: 557204-EPP-1-2014-1-ES-SPO-SCP

Project website:

Project duration: 30 months

Facebook: @EstportEU  -  Twitter: @EstportEU

Project Overview:

The general idea of the project is to establish a collaboration synergy in the field of sport for professional athletes and to establish a network among the universities involved and other parties that are related to the sports development, linking this to a tutorial of the athletes so that they can combine their higher education with professional sports. To do so, this project aims at developing a European “Sport Tutorship” model at Universities that will allow high-level students-athletes further develop their dual career across Europe. The ultimate goal is therefore to facilitate, through the Sport Tutorship, the integration of athletes into the University context, by maintaining their sport career performance. The implementation of this project will contribute to improve the quality of good governance in sport, by reinforcing academic development of high level athletes from European Universities in order to enable conciliation between the sport and professional training activities, and ensuring that high-level athletes are offered quality education in parallel to their sport training and career.

The requirements placed on students/athletes in contemporary world sport are such that they need to dedicate themselves more and more to achieving excellence. This immediately implies that most athletes’ time is dedicated towards developing their sporting career, with very little time left to develop other aspects of their lives outside their sport. It is relatively recent that initiatives have been developed in Europe favouring the combination of academic and high level athletic activities. The main driving force behind these initiatives was the acknowledgement of the rising pressures that student-athletes have to cope with in order to balance their academic and sporting commitments. Being a student-athlete has become increasingly more demanding at a time when training volume and frequency of competition have clearly intensified. It is not uncommon for a student-athlete to train for 30 hours per week coupled with a fulltime studying schedule, the workload can quickly equate to 40-50 hours per week. This has immediate implications on the lifestyle of the athlete in terms of time management, required effort and commitment to fulfil his or her role both as a student and athlete. Some universities around Europe have started to acknowledge these challenges faced by their student-athletes and have taken some measures in facilitating this process.


Expected project outcomes:

  • Development of Network groups at regional, national and European level among project partners, related to the project topic “Sport Tutorship” covered by the project. The network will bring together students/athletes, coaches, professors, educational institutions, sport authorities and organizations and other relevant stakeholders. The network will work as a forum for cooperation and exchange of knowledge and good practices;
  • Development of a comparative study / analysis of the situation on the academic and sport regulations applied by the Universities to the students/athletes;
  • Development of an innovative “Sport Tutorship” programme in the form of a Handbook which will combine methodology, guidelines, recommendations and conclusions;
  • Implementation of the Sport Tutorship programme in the participating Universities from Spain, Italy, Malta, Greece and the United Kingdom;
  • Validation of the Sport Tutorship programme under the supervision of the project partner Europa Community from the United Kingdom;
  • Organisation and development of 4 Workshops on Dual Career issues and on the Sport Tutorship programme. The target audience would range from students-athletes, sport faculties’ staff to public authorities and other sport stakeholders;
  • Dissemination of the project actions, outcomes and developed products.


Project Partners:

The University in Spain, ES  -  Universidad Católica San Antonio de Murcia

The University of Malta, MT  -  L-Universita ta'Malta

The University of Thessaly, GR  -  Panepistimio Thessalias

The University in Rome, IT  -  Università degli Studi di Roma “Foro Itálico”

The University in Leeds, UK  -  Leeds Trinity University

Europa Community Ltd., UK

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