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Future ready ed right skills to right job

Erasmus+ Key Action 2 - Strategic Partnerships

Project No: 2018-1-TR01-KA202-059505

Project website:

Project duration: 36 months

The needs of industry changes dramatically with the correspondingly with sudden and rapid developments in technology, so as the requirements of the firms which employ new recruitment. Although the progress of technology is this rapid, the vocational training programs could not keep up with the pace of those developments. That is current vocational training system meet these newly defined requirements demanded by the firms.

This Project aims to examine the candidate and currents students of vocational training programs as well as the instructors by revealing their learning styles. By determining the learning styles of students, ones could be lead to have a better perspective on their vocational training, and also the curiosity and speed level of their future jobs would be propped up. On the other hand, the teaching styles of the instructors have an influence on how fast students learn the topic and the knowledge's permanence. By revealing the teaching style of the instructors, the students could be allocated and matched with the correct instructor under the correct topic.

The learning and the teaching styles of both students and teachers are determined by the tests which occur at the end of this project. All the participants of the project are expected to work on those skill tests to make them more reliable and result-oriented. In the first place, this project focuses on a research paper that would reveal the exact needs of vocational training programs, the method of instructors' in teaching and the students' tendencies in learning. The tests are constructed by working on a control and a test group. After kick off meeting with all the partners where everyone could state their opinions and criticisms on the paper, and after a common conclusion, there would be a pilot study whether the test are fulfill their duty or not. The tests would be manipulated according to partners' different experiences which they took reports after the pilot study since each partner have their own and different methods on vocational training and capacity.

At the end of the project, it is expected to have students with problem solving skills, self-evaluation skills to assess suitability for a particular job, practical skills of using new technology out of school curricula etc. By gathering all the feedback from participants, the curriculum of vocational training programs are expected to overhaul to meet the future requirements of Industry 4.0 would impose upon.

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