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iFiscus - Family Budget Management

Grundtvig Partnerships

Project No: 2013-1-BG1-GRU06-00113

Project website:

Project duration: 24 months

Project Overview

Family budget planning is important, and especially so during the financial crisis that is present all across the globe.
Many people have never used a family budget, and with the financial crisis they are forced to start one. A budget planning template can help, because these usually offer an easy to follow layout where you can list all of your income and expenses,
so that you can ensure your family budget stays on track and comes out correct. Family budget planning does not have to be complex or hard to do, but it does need to be thorough.

Cutting expenses is not pleasant to do, but it may be necessary as part of family budget planning. Because times are tough for most people due to the poor economy, budgeting is essential to making ends meet and avoiding unpaid bills and more debt. When family budget planning is done properly this can help many families to live within their means and budget, and help minimize the impact the financial crisis has on their home and finances.

The main aim of iFiscus project is to provide the necessary support and web tool to senior people for proper planning of their family budgets especially in the situation of financial and economic crisis.

This aim will be accomplished through the creation of a common web page /allowing creating personal profile/ about expenditures and savings, providing useful templates as well as good practices in family budget planning. Through the web solution senior citizens will be able to easly calculate and plan the domestic/family budget lines on a daily or monthly base.
At the same time they will be able to manage their savings and find the best way for them to invest money in different places and activities. Moreover with this web tool, senior citizens will be able to create their own profile with their own budget lines and ideas where, when and how to save money and how much their costs are for some period of time.

Additional aims that will be accomplished with this project will be improving the skills and competences of senior citizens in using personal computer, web applications and internet. The users of the project results will be able to use the web tool via creating an account in a website for planning domestic budget and management of personal costs and savings. For those who prefer to download the application/program and use it from their personal computers, phone, etc. the result of the project should present this option.

Expected project outcomes:

  • A website translated in each of the partners’ languages; published information about surveys made by each partner in their country - need analysis how and where to save during the economic crisis; good European practices for saving and investment also should be published.
  • Web tool – program, application for planning costs and savings, which could be downloaded on personal computer, phone, etc.
  • User manual – supporting project beneficiaries in using the web application and improving their computer skills.
  • Need analysis - European recipes how to overcome the crisis, made during the national surveys, compiled all together by the partnership and published on the project webpage.
  • Develop local printed/digital, etc. materials for dissemination.
  • Conduction of international workshop - final event on which the outcomes of the project should be presented to the public, especially to senior citizens.


Project Partners:

Europrojects Foundation, Bulgaria

EuroPartnership Agency, United Kingdom

Portugal, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Italy

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