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Head Office: Plymouth Science Park, 1 Davy Road
Derriford Plymouth, PL6 8BX, United Kingdom

Host company information

Each year we provide hundreds of skilled and motivated European work experience trainees to companies throughout the United Kingdom.

Our mission is to promote the dual benefits of hosting European trainees within the Leonardo da Vinci and Erasmus - work placement programmes. Not only do the host companies gain from having a highly enthusiastic skilled trainee for free but the trainee also benefit from learning more about English culture and how business in the UK works, which prove invaluable in their future careers, something our company takes great pride in.  

We would like to encourage companies to create more trainee placements to boost young people’s skills and employability.

From our experience placements can also bring a wide range benefits to host companies, such as enabling them to identify new markets and define the skillset required from future employees who could, with their fresh creative enthusiasm and innovative ideas, be a key to future productivity and competitiveness.

Over the past five years, we have established excellent partnerships with many local, national and international companies and they all have been extremely satisfied with their experiences and outcomes, and take students on a regular basis to help their business.

The work experience placement programmes are funded by the European Commission so there are no costs involved for the companies. Travel to the UK, accommodation, subsistence, local transportation, excursions and health insurance are also covered by the Funding.

The work placements are designed to help trainees from with the European Union to gain an understanding of English business culture, improve their skills, knowledge and competences to be prepared to entry to competitive work-world / workforce. All students will have excellent English Language skills and will participate in English language courses during their stay.

Last year overseas students not only help companies to grow with free labour but also put over £5.1m into the economy of Plymouth alone, so you can see that there are a wide range of beneficiaries from the work experience programmes.

For more information on becoming a host company please contact our team today who will be able to provide you with detailed information, frequently asked questions and testimonials from current host companies.

Justin Smith, Director Real Fusion Ltd.

"We have had many students from EruoPA and they have really helped our business to grow. Its great getting fresh ideas from students who are passionate about our industry and it’s also nice t to know that we are also helping them with their future careers."

Justin Smith, Director Real Fusion Ltd.

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